As of 3/18/20, all Cool Cat Café California Locations will be open for take out only until further notice. Maui is closed until April 13th

Cool Cat Cafe Pismo Crisis Menu

    At Cool Cat Cafe we believe in Ohana, and we know we will get through this together. As always we are dedicated to your well being and safety but in light of recent events have taken extra precautions to keep our food areas clean and sanitized. Because of this crisis we have created a carry out menu that is available until further notice. Please stay healthy and enjoy our award winning food from the comfort of your homes.

    JUMBO SHRIMP COCKTAIL: 5 with cocktail sauce 12.99
    JUMBO COCONUT SHRIMP: w/sweet chili mango sauce 13.99
    CALAMARI: panko breaded strips w/ spicy tartar & cocktail sauce 10.99
    MOZZARELLA STICKS: house made w/marinara 7.99
    CHICKEN STRIPS: w/ranch or BBQ 12.99
    COMBO PLATE: chicken strips, onion rings, fries 12.99
    HULA STICKS: chicken & pineapple pieces in Hawaiian sauce 9.99
    RIB PLATE: baby backs in BBQ sauce 11.99
    FRINGS: 1/2 fries, 1/2 onion rings 6.99
    BASKET FRIES: 4.99
    CHOWDER: house made cup 5.49; bowl 6.49
    CHILI: House made cup 5.99; bowl 7.99
    CHILI & RICE: 8.49
    COLE SLAW: 2.49
    SIDE OF RICE: 1.99
    GARLIC BREAD: 2.99
    BAKED POTATO: 4.49; loaded 5.89

    SALADS: ranch, blue cheese, Italian, 1000, or house dressing
    RICKY RICARDO: mixed greens w/grilled chicken, Jack, Cheddar, tomato, cucumber, crouton, egg 11.99
    BUDDY HOLLY: mixed greens w/ fried chicken strips, Jack, Cheddar, tomato, cucumber, crouton, egg 12.99
    ALL SHOOK UP: mixed greens w/ turkey, bacon, avocado, Jack, Cheddar, tomato, cucumber, egg 13.99
    BLUE HAWAII: mixed greens w/grilled fish, Jack, Cheddar, tomato, cucumber, croutons, egg 15.99
    LUCY: dinner salad w/crouton, tomato, cucumber 6.99

    FOR ANY burger, sandwich: add fried 2.50; onion rings 3.50, salad 4; Sub gluten free bun 2; sub beyond burger 2

    DUKE: Bacon cheeseburger with BBQ sauce and onion ring. 9.99
    LUNA: Bacon, avocado cheeseburger, mayo, 1000, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle 11.49
    DON HO: Bacon, pineapple, cheese, sweet Hawaiian sauce. 9.99
    BLACK N BLUE: Bacon, blue cheese, mayo, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle 11.29
    BOGY: Bacon cheeseburger with mayo, 1000, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle 9.89
    FRISCO: Burger on grilled sourdough with choice of cheese, mayo, lettuce, tomato. 9.99
    LA BAMBA: Chili burger with cheese and onion. 10.99
    MARLILYN: Cheeseburger with Ortega chili, mayo, 1000, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle 9.89
    ALI’I: Patti-Melt on rye bread w/American cheese, grilled onions, 1000. 9.89
    LEADER: burger with mayo, 1000, lettuce, tomato, pickle, onion 8.49 Add cheese .50
    BOPPER: double burger w/ mayo, lettuce, tomato, pickle, onion 11.99 Add cheese 1.00

    LAHAINA LUNA: grilled chicken, cheese, bacon, avocado, mayo, lettuce, tomato 11.49
    FIRE: grilled chicken, pepper jack cheese, fire sauce, mayo, lettuce, tomato 9.79
    AT THE HOP: grilled chicken, BBQ sauce, cheese, mayo, lettuce, tomato 9.79
    BOOGIE WOOGIE: grilled chicken, mayo, lettuce, tomato 8.49 Add cheese .50
    WESTERN: grilled chicken, cheese, BBQ, bacon, onion ring 9.99
    CHUBBY: chicken on grilled sourdough, cheese, bacon, mayo, lettuce, tomato 10.89
    LOCO MOTION: chicken on grilled sourdough, cheese, Ortega chili, mayo, lettuce, tomato 10.89
    PEGGY SUE: chicken, Ortega chili, cheese, mayo, lettuce, tomato 9.89
    HULA: chicken, bacon, pineapple, cheese, Hawaiian sauce 9.99

    ROCKIN ROBIN: turkey on grilled sourdough, jack mayo, lettuce tomato 9.89
    LOOP DE LOOP: sliced ham on grilled sourdough, jack mayo, lettuce, tomato 9.79
    BETTY BOOP: BLT 8.00; add avocado 2
    HULA HAM: ham, pineapple, cheese, Hawaiian sauce on grilled sourdough 8.99
    GRAFFITI: grilled cheese 5.99; add ham 2

    FRESH FISH TACOS: 2 tacos on corn tortillas, cheese, cabbage, Aioli, pico de gallo 13.99
    BAJA FISH TACOS: 2 deep fried fish tacos on flour tortillas, cheese, cabbage, Aioli, pico 13.99
    FISH SANDWICH: fresh catch grilled on bun, tarter, lettuce, tomato 12.99
    SALSA FISH SANDWICH: fresh catch grilled on bun, salsa, lettuce, tomato 13.99
    BLACKENED FISH SANDWICH: blackened fresh catch grilled, tarter, lettuce, tomato 13.99
    FISH N CHIPS: beer battered Alaskan cod with tartar sauce, fries, cole slaw 2 piece 11.99; 3 piece 13.99; 4 piece 15.00

    PASTY: Ortega chili pepper, mayo, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, red onions on grilled sourdough 7.49, add veggie burger 4
    JACK LA LANNE: veggie burger, mayo, lettuce, tomato, pickle, onion 9.49 add cheese .50 add avocado 2
    DREAM LOVER: veggie burger, Ortega chili, jack, mayo, lettuce, tomato, pickle, onion 10.99
    DUKE LA LANNE: Veggie burger, BBQ sauce, cheese, onion ring 10.99

    HOUND: hot dog, mustard, onion, relish 5.99
    BOARDWALK: hot dog on grilled sourdough, cheese, mustard 6.99
    CHILI CHEESE DOG: hot dog, chili, cheese, onion 9.49

    ENTREES: choice of chowder or salad; rice, fries, or baked potato; garlic bread.
    BABY BACK RIBS: Slow baked, char broiled with BBQ sauce, cole slaw 25.99
    FRESH CATCH: today’s catch of the day 25.99, blackened add 2
    CHICKEN: 2 juicy chicken breasts – pick your style 17.99

    • Hula- with pineapple and sweet Hawaiian sauce
    • Teriyaki- with pineapple and house-made Teriyaki
    • BBQ- cooked in house-made BBQ sauce

    RIBEYE STEAK: 27.99