Perfect Night's Sleep Mattress

People don’t usually put a lot of thought into their mattresses until they move into a new place and have to buy new furniture or if they accidentally broke the one they have somehow. Mattresses get little love and attention but they are actually super important! Without an effective mattress that meets your own personal needs, you may find yourself losing out on valuable sleep and performing less optimally throughout the day. Majority of people attribute their insomnia or inability to get comfortable at night to outside factors like stress, anxiety, or fear. But in general, 90% of the time, it’s probably just an indication that you definitely need to invest in a new mattress.

Benefits of a Mattress

Mattresses serve the immediate purpose of being something a bit softer than the ground to sleep on. However, depending on it’s quality, it can really improve our overall health. A good quality bedding system has the ability to decrease overall bodily pain, discomfort, and stress over time. There are millions of capillary pathways underneath the skin’s surface and when we lie down on them, we constrict the blow flow and reduce the rate of oxygen getting to our extremities. When this happens, the brain gets a signal and forces us to roll over to allow the blood to flow through again. With soft, quality mattresses, the need to roll over is less frequent and thus, we gain a better quality night’s sleep. The average human being sleeps about 1/3 of their lifespan so investing in a tool to provide better quality sleep do that you don’t have to endure much discomfort is important. Now you must keep in mind that there are also bad mattresses as well. A bad mattress can

Increase sleep discomfort Increase pain/chronic pain Prevent quality sleep

Features to Keep In Mind

There are several different types of mattress on the market to cater to any specific individual’s needs.

Innerspring mattress

These mattresses use steel coil springs inside as a support system. The coils are covered by padding and fibers to allow you to sleep on them. A mattress with more coils provides more support and comfortability for your back as you sleep through the night.


Waterbeds use water in the inside as a support system. The two types are hard side and soft side waterbeds. Hard-sided waterbeds have water inside of a wooden frame and soft sided water beds contain water inside of a foam casing. The water inside can be allowed to flow freely for a light, airy feel or have material inside to make the water more sturdy.

Foam mattress

These mattresses use foam material as a support system. The foam could be made out of any material and density depending on customer desire for rigidity and heat transfer.

Air beds

Most people use these beds for travel or sleep overs. These beds are simply filled with air but the amount of air can be fluctuated to account for comfortability.

Mattresses also come in various sizes depending on the age, size, and shape of the customer and how much space the customer desires to have.

Twin sized

This is the smallest size mattress measurina 38×75 inches