Three Steps in Cleaning the Rifle Scope

A rifle scope is definitely a piece of equipment that’s highly sophisticated even if it doesn’t evoke much thought from most people. Multi-coated and modern versions could deliver extraordinary detail and sharpness.

However, its peak performance can only be achieved if it is kept clean. Smudged or dirty lenses may reduce detail and sharpness, especially in low light situations like early in the morning and late in the afternoon.

During the midday, its detail can also be affected by dirt and dust particles that strike the front of the lens every time the scope of the rifle is pointed in directions where sun may hit the front lens.

Proper cleaning adds life to the scope as well as prevents damage to the expensive multi-coating of the lenses, about this in perfect rifle scope. Once it’s properly cleaned, clarity and brightness are delivered when needed.

Below are the recommended steps in properly cleaning the scope of the rifle:

  • Step 1 – Using an Ultra Brush that’s found inside a cleaning kit, begin by brushing away the larger dirt or dust particles from the scope’s glass surface. Made up of extremely soft fibers, this brush is safe to use on any multi-coated or glass lens surface. Keep the brush free from grease and oils so that they will not get transferred to the lens. After using the brush, it’s recommended that it must be retracted back into its base and replace the cap to keep it dry and clean.
  • Step 2 – Remove the fingerprints or smudges from the lens using a microfiber cloth. This type of cloth is free from chemicals which can be safely used on any plastic, multi-coated or glass lenses. The extra thickness and softness of the microfiber cloth are great for cleaning the LCD screens of mobile phones and GPS units. It is also ideal for cleaning sunglasses, eyeglasses or shooting glasses. Do not use bleach or fiber softener in cleaning the microfiber cloth.
  • Step 3 – When it comes to more advanced cleaning, it is recommended to use a lens cleaning tissue and a liquid lens cleaner to remove pollen spots and dried water residues from the back and front part of the lens. A liquid lens cleaner is scientifically formulated for safely cleaning the lens. Some lens cleaners have anti-fog actions that are specifically helpful for people who do outdoor activities. Put a few liquid lens cleaner drops on the cleaning lens tissue and wipe the lens in circular motion starting from the center going to the edges. Immediately wipe the lens surface again using a dry lens cleaning tissue in order to remove any wet spot from the surface of the lens and continue wiping it until the lens surface is completely polished, clean and dry.

It’s also essential to give careful consideration in selecting liquid lens cleaners because some have formulas that allow drying at specific rates. While fast drying liquid lens cleaners dry residues back again before they could be removed, some liquid lens cleaners give time for the residues to be removed before drying up.

When these three steps are always kept in mind, cleaning a rifle scope is now easy as 1, 2 and 3.